Ryan S. Northrup



Welcome to my very own slice of the Internet. Not much to see here right now, but feel free to poke around.

A Bit About Me

I'm a general computer whiz, with a focus on Unix administration, desktop / server support, and programming. My current programming languages of choice are Elixir, Ruby, and Perl, and I have a working understanding of an assortment of other languages as well (parituclarly Erlang, various Lisps (Common Lisp, Scheme, Emacs Lisp), and Javascript). Lisp and Rust are my latest learning targets (along with Elixir, which is what I'm currently using in my dayjob).

I'm also a musician. Most of my published work involves electronic compositions, but I'm well-versed in several brass instruments (particularly the trombone, euphonium, and French horn) and can play (with degrees of skill ranging from "awful" to "mediocre") a handful of others (clarinet, saxophone, guitar, vocals, jaw harp / Jew's harp, marching percussion, dozens of others). Most of my experience comes from amateur symphonic/orchestral ensembles, jazz groups, and the drum & bugle corps world.

In my spare time, I enjoy cooking, walking, biking, gaming, and photographing things with smartphone cameras. I don't do any of those things particularly well, alas.

A Bit About This Page

The background photograph is of West River Street in Truckee, CA, USA. It was taken by me using the built-in primary camera of my HTC One M8 smartphone.

The fonts are "CMU Serif", "CMU Sans Serif", and "CMU Typewriter Text", all of which can be obtained in OTF format from the CM Unicode website. I converted the fonts to WOFF for use with web pages; you're welcome to snag them from my 'fonts' folder and use them under the same terms as the original OTF fonts (X11 license as of me writing this). The specific font files in use are cmunrm (serif), cmunbmr (sans-serif), and cmuntt (typewriter).